You Have Options After An Accidental Injury. Learn What They Are Today.

Attorney Thomas P. Germeroth at The Germeroth Law Firm, LLC, has been working with clients throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area for over 20 years. If you work with our firm, it is our goal to be there with you during every step of the personal injury legal process so that you will know you do not have to face the future alone. We are here to support you and provide the legal resources you need to make the decisions necessary to move forward toward a future you can live with.

We are prepared to help with your injury claim or lawsuit involving any of the following:

  • Personal injury, including premises liability and product liability cases
  • An auto or truck accident
  • Medical malpractice such as a surgical error or a birth injury
  • A catastrophic injury such as a brain or spinal cord injury
  • An on-the-job injury such as a construction accident
  • Sexual abuse
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Wrongful death — plaintiff

Recovering After Your Loss. Reclaiming Your Future.

A personal injury, whether from a motor vehicle accident, illness or injury on the job, a health care practitioner's error or a dangerous product, can literally stop you in your tracks. You may have to endure much emotional and physical pain from the injury, in addition to doing the best you can to carry forward with day-to-day life. However, your life as it was may be very different from now on. Working with a personal injury lawyer can maximize your chance to recover compensation for these losses and move forward with renewed hope.