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Introducing Personal Injury Attorney Thomas P. Germeroth

Attorney Thomas P. Germeroth at The Germeroth Law Firm, LLC, began his professional career as a lead project engineer at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Co. After nearly 10 years, he decided to change his career focus and put his experience to work helping others. Mr. Germeroth graduated magna cum laude from Saint Louis University School of Law with a law degree.

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A Distinguished Legal Career Built On The Precision And Focus Of A Former Engineer

After law school, Mr. Germeroth began his journey helping those who had suffered illness and injury caused by the actions of negligent drivers, manufacturers, employers and health care providers. For more than 20 years, he has brought many claims and lawsuits involving personal injury, workers' compensation and wrongful death. Today, he continues bringing determination and attention to detail to every case with the goal of meeting the present and future needs of injured people through well-documented, persuasive cases.

Mr. Germeroth's experience as an engineer helps him evaluate accident scenes, experts' reports and product defects analytically. He can see how a defective product or a negligent person or entity contributed to an accident that caused his client's injury. He draws on a broad knowledge base to strengthen compelling injury claims on behalf of the injured.

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Sometimes, clients put off consulting with an attorney because they believe their personal injury isn't severe enough to warrant a lawyer's time. It is important for our clients to understand that their concerns matter to us. Initial consultations are free, with no further obligation. Ask your questions and get the answers you need from The Germeroth Law Firm, LLC. Call our Clayton, Missouri, office at 314-669-7090 or set up an appointment via email to talk about your case.