When A Defective Product Or Slip-And-Fall Accident Causes Injury

Dangerous Products — Product Liability

Regardless of the product size, whether it is a small toy, medical device or a motor vehicle, we as consumers trust that the manufacturers have done their job to ensure that the product is safe for use. However, what happens when this trust is broken and an individual is injured or killed by a defective product?

The Germeroth Law Firm, LLC, located in Clayton, Missouri, works closely with clients to understand the extent of the injury and how the product failed at being safe. Before becoming a personal injury attorney, Thomas P. Germeroth, worked as an engineer for nearly 10 years. His experience taught him what to look for in a dangerous product. Whether or not the product was used correctly, it is up to the manufacturers to provide ample safeguards and warnings.

Dangerous Places — Premises Liability

People visit many different places while out performing daily errands or nights out with friends or loved ones. Most of these visits occur without incidence, however, this is not always the case and sometimes serious injury happens.

Premises liability cases can be the result of many different situations, for example:

  • A property owner's failure to warn people about potential dangers like:
    • Areas under construction
    • Slip-and-fall accidents caused by slippery or wet floors
    • Automatic doors
    • Black ice
  • Uneven floors or sidewalks
  • Missing or broken railings or steps
  • Unsafe fixtures in a store
  • Inappropriate lighting
  • Inappropriate or lacking security
  • Dangerous dogs
  • Violation of building codes
  • Noncompliance with OSHA regulations at worksites

It is reasonable to expect that the locations you patronize or buildings you visit are safe for visitors. It is not unreasonable to expect that the products you use are safe or that there are warnings so that you know what dangers could occur. If you are injured because of an unsafe location or a dangerous product, it is reasonable for you to be properly compensated for your loss.

Work With A Lawyer Whom You Can Trust

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